Congratulations on booking a speaking gig! Now, if only you knew what to say, or how to design your workshop or course. And they want your bio? What? We’ve got you covered.

Our complete speaker services will have you standing at the podium with the confidence that you are fully prepared to present your best ideas and have all the supporting documents to make it a memorable presentation.

Whether you need a 5-7-minute welcome address, 30-minute talk, 90-minute workshop, or a full 6-week course, we understand your needs and are eager to help you sound your best.

Speaker One-Page

Booking speaking engagements? If so, you need a powerful Speaker One-Page that conveys your authority and engaging topics.


7-minute welcome address at a gala got your palms sweating? Maybe you have a 90-minute workshop that sold out, and now you’re concerned you may not deliver amazing content.

Facebook Live Coaching

Concerned that you have nothing of value to say on Facebook Live? We get it. It’s another form of content, and it can be challenging to come up with different things to share that are engaging, informative, and have calls to action that are not sales.

30 second Commercial Coaching Sessions

This is one of our most popular services. If your elevator pitch isn’t attracting people to find out more about you and your business and services, we can help you craft a message that connects to your ideal audiences and helps them know, like, and trust you.