Did you finish writing your book, but want some help before you go to print? Or, maybe you know it lacks something and don’t know what it is?

We offer a variety of editing types and guide you toward the right kind of help that will fit best with your goals.

Developmental Editing

Concerned about whether what you wrote makes any sense, or if the reader will understand what you are trying to say? This is the editing service for you.

Developmental editing includes:

  • Creating consistency in style and tone
  • Reorganizing paragraphs, chapters, and more to create a cohesive message
  • Culling off-topic or repetitive ideas or phrases
  • Sharpening word choice, eliminating passive voice, and edits for clarity
  • Additions of examples, explanation, or research to bolster arguments
  • References check

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Line Editing

This service is right for you if you’ve already run spell check a million times, had friends or colleagues to read it and give feedback, and can’t find any more mistakes. But still, you don’t want to share your writing with the world without having an expert to look it over and make any necessary changes.

Line editing involves:

  • Correcting grammar, misspellings, and punctuation
  • Changing word order for clarity or to prevent misreading, etc.

Fairy Godmother Editing

This is a signature service you may only find with us. If you have 60,000 words, but want 80,000 words, we will write the other 20,000 for you. Maybe you have 200 words for a blog and need 500. We figure out what’s missing and add it in. Then we return to you a clean manuscript that is so complete you can’t tell what we added and what you wrote before, except that it sounds amazing. We also compile Developmental Editing and Line Editing into one affordable package so you can quickly have the writing you need and share it with the world.

What’s your special request?

Add-On Services

  • Query Letter
  • Book Proposal
  • Upload and Formatting to Amazon
  • Book Covers
  • ISBN Numbers for Kindle and Print
  • Copyright
  • Registration with Library of Congress

“When I first got my edited manuscript back from a recommended editor, I was in shock to find out that even after so much editing there was still work to be done. I was very disappointed and devastated to find simple spelling mistakes. Then Cindy came to my rescue and proposed to help, and in a very short time, I got back my manuscript in a such a fantastic condition that didn’t need to postpone the publishing of my book.

Cindy is very professional, very passionate about my success and has a creative spirit that could understand me as a writer. She saved my book, and I will be grateful forever. She also helped me with other social media ideas and descriptions that I am very pleased with. Her creativity and passion are endless!

If you are looking for someone, who will read your mind and display the best of you on the paper, choose Cindy!”

Lolita Scesnaviciute Guarin

Stress Management Coach, Speaker, and Author