We help you from start to finish with your book projects.

All our book writing services begin with an exploration to Each project gets a quote after the exploration, which accounts for your projected length and the requirements for interviews and research. Every project is different, because everyone has a unique perspective. Let’s talk about yours!

Our process is simple. We conduct author interviews to find out what you want to say in your book, and we write it for you. Want to include some of your blogs and speaking content? Try our hybrid program. Either way, you get two rounds of edits and progress updates throughout the process.

The timeline will largely depend on your goals and availability, and we offer flexible schedules for aggressive deadlines, as well as longer projects that need more research.

Ghost Writing

Want your book written for you? You are the author of record, and our professional writers capture your ideas to present them in the clearest and most compelling manner.

After just four 2-hour interviews, you will have a manuscript of 150+ pages.

Ghost Writing and Book Coaching Hybrid

Want to do some writing and have us put it in order and fill in the gaps?


If you have some blogs, speaker notes, and courses that can be used in your book, we will put it all together for you.

Manuscript Editing

Does your finished book need a professional pair of eyes on it before you send it to agents or go to indie publishing?

Make sure you publish a book you’ll be proud to share.

After just four 2-hour interviews, you will have a manuscript of 150+ pages.