The most common website copy requests we get are for About Us and Home pages. Those are very important, because the Home page is generally your first impression, and the About Us is often hard to write because selling yourself is challenging for most people. However, if your Services or Products pages aren’t written with strong copy, and if you aren’t taking advantage of having a FAQ’s page to overcome your most common objections, then you are missing some major opportunities to sell your business.

Depending on your needs, we can customize your website copy according to your business’s goals.

We regularly write pages for:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Products
  • Testimonials
  • Members-only
  • Blogs
  • PDF Lead Magnets

Dr. Cindy is definitely THE Content Specialist.

  1. She supported me with: improving my biography, my company key core values and the development of the 4C’ of service concept for my business.
  2. The results were: Exceeded my expectations. She nailed them with direct, clean and precise wording that communicated a complex message to my audience in easy to understand business statements.
  3. Key point for me was: She was able to translate highly complex business, financial and technical message into easy to understand statements which conveyed the message to a non-technical audience.
  4. The experience was: productive, value driven and very beneficial for my business.
  5. I would recommend her to anyone who needs clarity of message, intelligence, finesse, recommendations for context improvements and high-level results.

Thanks for helping Soledad Tanner Consulting.

Soledad Tanner

CEO, Soledad Tanner Consulting