I bet that as you are reading this page about our blog services, you are thinking about your neglected or never-used blog feature on your website. This 450-750-word dose of content marketing is a thorn in many business owners’ sides, and yet you know it is important to blog regularly.

We want to free your time so you can serve your clients and stop worrying about your blogs that aren’t getting written, or aren’t getting posted because you lack confidence in your writing.

Even if your blog doesn’t have many followers at first, this is content that

  • Lives on your website and can have a strong afterlife long after your initial posting
  • Can be linked throughout your website to keep your readers engaged with your authority
  • Educates readers in a way that feels helpful and not pushy.
  • Can be shared again in the future so new followers don’t miss it

Like our Social Media Content Calendars, our blog services are best suited to help authors or would-be authors. We are masters at repurposing content and can help you blog in a way to use that content later in your book, or use your already-written book to create blogs that echo that content.

Our ghost writers are experts in content writing and will be able to craft unique, powerful doses of information for you and end each one with a strategic call for engagement and action.

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“Firstly, I contacted Cindy because I’m not a native English speaker. My big hesitation to purchase Cindy’s services was that I had doubts about her ability to write in according with my vision, my mindset, and my voice.

In order to understand my business and my voice, she spent some time with me. I’m so grateful I took the decision to have Cindy as collaborator. Thanks to her help, I was able to more visible online by blog post and articles to promote my coaching services for expatriates. In the same way, she is a very accountable. I have actions to take each week, which depend on her work. Cindy represents professionalism, quality of the work, and perfectionism. Thank you Cindy for being part of my business journey.”

Sara Ottoboni

Certified Coach