You’re already amazing at what you do, but how do you get your best customers to realize this? Content. It’s often a scary word to busy professionals who care about quality and prefer to say nothing than to say it poorly. We feel the same way, which is why we are here to help.

Our content writing is especially geared to help our authors repurpose your book content into smaller social media chunks and build your audience while you complete your project, or as you gear up and do more speaking engagements, leading up to writing your book.

We educate ourselves on your industry, competition, and audience to make sure all our writing for you is engaging, strategic to your goals, and speaks directly to the people you serve best.

Content can be blogs and newsletters, videos, courses, workshops, webinars, and the all-powerful e-mail drip campaign.

We truly love writing sales copy, which is what all great content marketing is at its core.

You don’t just want people to read your content.

You want them to comment, share, and take action.


We offer bi-monthly and monthly blogs, which we curate with you according to your upcoming promotions and campaigns to make sure your content works for you. If you want your blogs written for you in such a way that you can’t tell that you didn’t write it yourself, except that it sounds amazing, we’re here for you.

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Social Media Content Calendar

Ever wonder what people mean when they say to use Social Media strategically? We do it for you or provide your content calendar strategy as a collaborative experience to help you know why you’re posting, what your call to action is, and how it fits into your current campaigns, –whether you are promoting an upcoming event, limited-time offer, recent blog, or opinions on trending topics.

Discover our Content Calendar.

Sales Pages

Why is no one buying from you? Ouch! Maybe you need a stronger call to action, clearer description of your offer, more engagement with your ideal customer’s emotions, or all of the above. If you need help selling your promotion on a landing page, pre-sale page, classic sales letter, or email marketing campaign, let us help you stand out and convert your leads.

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Website Copy

Have you considered that every word on your website is sales copy? It is. To convert eyes on your page to active clients or list followers, all the information and calls to action need to be written persuasively, as if you are inside your idea client’s mind and saying exactly what she’s thinking. Want your website to speak like this?

Make your website say what your audience wants to hear.

PDF Lead Magnets

Okay, so you have a website, but no one is signing up for your newsletter or the 10% discount code. That’s right. They want something free that is valuable and speaks to the reason they came to your website. Enter, the Lead Magnet. This free PDF is an email list-building tool that can also help you increase your credibility with your audience.

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