“When I first got my edited manuscript back from a recommended editor, I was in shock to find out that even after so much editing there was still work to be done. I was very disappointed and devastated to find simple spelling mistakes. Then Cindy came to my rescue and proposed to help, and in a very short time, I got back my manuscript in a such a fantastic condition that didn’t need to postpone the publishing of my book.

Cindy is very professional, very passionate about my success and has a creative spirit that could understand me as a writer. She saved my book, and I will be grateful forever. She also helped me with other social media ideas and descriptions that I am very pleased with. Her creativity and passion are endless!

If you are looking for someone, who will read your mind and display the best of you on the paper, choose Cindy!”

Lolita Scesnaviciute Guarin

Speaker, and Author, Stress Management Coach

“Firstly, I contacted Cindy because I’m not a native English speaker. My big hesitation to purchase Cindy’s services was that I had doubts about her ability to write in according with my vision, my mindset, and my voice.

In order to understand my business and my voice, she spent some time with me. I’m so grateful I took the decision to have Cindy as collaborator. Thanks to her help, I was able to more visible online by blog post and articles to promote my coaching services for expatriates. In the same way, she is a very accountable. I have actions to take each week, which depend on her work. Cindy represents professionalism, quality of the work, and perfectionism. Thank you Cindy for being part of my business journey.”

Sara Ottoboni

Certified Coach

Dr. Cindy is definitely THE Content Specialist.

  1. She supported me with: improving my biography, my company key core values and the development of the 4C’ of service concept for my business.
  2. The results were: Exceeded my expectations. She nailed them with direct, clean and precise wording that communicated a complex message to my audience in easy to understand business statements.
  3. Key point for me was: She was able to translate highly complex business, financial and technical message into easy to understand statements which conveyed the message to a non-technical audience.
  4. The experience was: productive, value driven and very beneficial for my business.
  5. I would recommend her to anyone who needs clarity of message, intelligence, finesse, recommendations for context improvements and high-level results.

Thanks for helping Soledad Tanner Consulting.

Soledad Tanner

CEO, Soledad Tanner Consulting