Dr. Cynthia, our founder, was doing Relationship Marketing before it became a buzz word and brings her deep understanding of language, shared values and emotional intelligence to make sure every aspect of your communication is magnetic and actionable.

She knows all the rules, as well as how and when to break them.

Our founder puts her nine years of relationship building in international nonprofit and American start-up cultures to work for her clients. As president of the American Association of Malaysia and President of the Balikpapan international Women’s Association, she used her writing, editing and speaking skills to build relationships with members and the larger corporate donor and grassroots charities she collaborated with and served. She continues to work with The Perfect Workout to ensure quality control and friendly scripts for their phone handling campaigns and performs much technical and ad copy writing for the company, various manuals and sales training, to Customer Relationship Management task templates and Yelp and Glassdoors campaign.